Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Exciting Markets – Test & Review

Exciting Markets: make trading accessible to all

The motto of Exciting Markets is simple because it is in an idea that we would all do our: make trading accessible to everyone. Exciting Markets is a newcomer among the sites of binary options and tries to set up some options that we present here an attempt to attract users.

1.A platform easy to use and an effective site:

First impressions on the site of Exciting Markets are very good. The interface of the trading platform is very user friendly and easy to handle. A few clicks to be able to place its first binary option.

The site offers a significant number of binary options on which to comment (11 pairs of currencies, raw materials 6, 7 and 10 index shares).

The site made a big effort of pedagogy intended especially for beginners. A special page is devoted to explaining the operation of binary actions and the platform. In addition, all new customers on the site has several advantages: a bonus of up to 50% of its initial filing, the first trade and especially offered a simplified training for a period of 15 minutes.

The final advantage of this site is to have a strategy section and section-to-date market analysis. Every day, an analysis of two pages present the summary of the session yesterday, the economic calendar day and a brief review of some binary options to be monitored during the sessions. All this information is available to assist customers in their decision-making process.

2.Quelques limits to know before deciding what broker for this:

Despite a low entry fee (100 euros are enough to open an account), Exciting Markets does not take options position below a minimum of 30 euros. This means that the broker is not advisable for small depositors: in fact, if you do a deposit of 100 euros, this means that you can only open three different positions, which is too little to place an effective bankroll management.

Conversely, users performing large deposit should be aware that the maximum amount allowed on an option is 1500 euros. However, it is to the credit of Exciting Markets to make clear in these conditions of use because many sites do not mention it, and users often discover too late these limits.

With an average return on investment of 81%, ExcitingMarkets stands up to the other major market players. If you do not have brokers binary options or if you want to take advantage of bonus reserved for new entrants, we can only encourage you to test the trading platform that offers all the guarantees of professionalism and seriousness.

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