Wednesday, September 24, 2014

BOcapital – Test & Review

BOcapital is a platform for newcomers to the world of binary options. Opened in 2010, she is trying to develop more and more to French customers. Perform a test of the platform to see if we can recommend it to users.

1. Tools and options clearly explained:

All the tools available on the site and the options are well explained and well presented. The platform is nice and attractive. New users can receive a free ebook when you register on the site. Unfortunately, this site appears to offer no financial incentive promotion as do the other sites of binary options. The options trader are numerous (33 total)

2. A strange feeling

However, the more you sail on the site, the more one sees a strange feeling because this platform looks exactly like that of water The unexplained close to the site between the two platforms raises questions. Is this the same company? As a competitor who wants to impersonate OptionBit or of an affiliate which incorporates the same design as the parent or perhaps a company operating a wrong version of a white label of Optionbit? All these points not explained on the site we have advice to keep safe for the moment and not take a deposit before the policy of this platform has been somewhat clarified.

This feeling is reinforced by the absence of concrete information on the platform when looking for an address or exact location of the company: All in all, we just access to an email address, nothing more .

The lack of interest rate policy and complete copy of the site OptionBit compels us to advise you to stay away for the moment this platform binary options and what to protect your capital.
If BOcapital proven and receive good ecchos, we will be happy to change your mind about this broker, until you are the sole judges of BOcapital.

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