Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Exciting Markets – Test & Review

Exciting Markets: make trading accessible to all

The motto of Exciting Markets is simple because it is in an idea that we would all do our: make trading accessible to everyone. Exciting Markets is a newcomer among the sites of binary options and tries to set up some options that we present here an attempt to attract users.

1.A platform easy to use and an effective site:

First impressions on the site of Exciting Markets are very good. The interface of the trading platform is very user friendly and easy to handle. A few clicks to be able to place its first binary option.

The site offers a significant number of binary options on which to comment (11 pairs of currencies, raw materials 6, 7 and 10 index shares).

The site made a big effort of pedagogy intended especially for beginners. A special page is devoted to explaining the operation of binary actions and the platform. In addition, all new customers on the site has several advantages: a bonus of up to 50% of its initial filing, the first trade and especially offered a simplified training for a period of 15 minutes.

The final advantage of this site is to have a strategy section and section-to-date market analysis. Every day, an analysis of two pages present the summary of the session yesterday, the economic calendar day and a brief review of some binary options to be monitored during the sessions. All this information is available to assist customers in their decision-making process.

2.Quelques limits to know before deciding what broker for this:

Despite a low entry fee (100 euros are enough to open an account), Exciting Markets does not take options position below a minimum of 30 euros. This means that the broker is not advisable for small depositors: in fact, if you do a deposit of 100 euros, this means that you can only open three different positions, which is too little to place an effective bankroll management.

Conversely, users performing large deposit should be aware that the maximum amount allowed on an option is 1500 euros. However, it is to the credit of Exciting Markets to make clear in these conditions of use because many sites do not mention it, and users often discover too late these limits.

With an average return on investment of 81%, ExcitingMarkets stands up to the other major market players. If you do not have brokers binary options or if you want to take advantage of bonus reserved for new entrants, we can only encourage you to test the trading platform that offers all the guarantees of professionalism and seriousness.

Ikkotrader – Test & Review

Ikkotrader is a site that offers to exchange binary options. The company behind this platform is English, is headquartered in London and operates its site from the island of Cyprus. What are the strengths of this platform?

The highlight is the largest variety of options available binary because a user can use 56 different, a record for a site of binary options: 16 are based on actions (including Apple, Google, HSBC, Coca- Cola), 13 currencies, 6 on raw materials (including some rarely traded on the sites of binary options as platinum) and 21 of the indices of major stock exchanges around the world.

The operation of the site is very intuitive and clear. Experienced users and beginners instinctively find their bearings on this platform. The usual options to the world of trading binary options are available at: Up, Down. Ikkotrader also offers two options make homes of interest to users already familiar with binary options less common: the Roll Over, which will extend the expiration date of an option and the Double Up, which will double its investment and thus its potential gains an option.

To make known its site, ikkotrader has set up several interesting promotions (as they change regularly, you should refer to their page on their site PROMOTION). However, by opening an account now, you can receive a refund offer of EUR 250 on your first deposit. Here is a good idea to find the platform safer. You can also use the facebook promotion and pocket a 30% bonus on your deposit by joining the Facebook page of the platform.

Last but not least, the ability to trade from his iphone the dedicated application. It can be downloaded free on the App Store under the name Ikkotrader. A special promotion for users of this application that can receive a bonus equal to 100% of their deposit if the transaction is made from an iphone. Ikkotrader has also set up a competition whose operation is simple: the platform offers 1,000 euros to anyone passing 10 trades in a row. Why not take advantage of these promotions now trying this platform now?

BOcapital – Test & Review

BOcapital is a platform for newcomers to the world of binary options. Opened in 2010, she is trying to develop more and more to French customers. Perform a test of the platform to see if we can recommend it to users.

1. Tools and options clearly explained:

All the tools available on the site and the options are well explained and well presented. The platform is nice and attractive. New users can receive a free ebook when you register on the site. Unfortunately, this site appears to offer no financial incentive promotion as do the other sites of binary options. The options trader are numerous (33 total)

2. A strange feeling

However, the more you sail on the site, the more one sees a strange feeling because this platform looks exactly like that of water The unexplained close to the site between the two platforms raises questions. Is this the same company? As a competitor who wants to impersonate OptionBit or of an affiliate which incorporates the same design as the parent or perhaps a company operating a wrong version of a white label of Optionbit? All these points not explained on the site we have advice to keep safe for the moment and not take a deposit before the policy of this platform has been somewhat clarified.

This feeling is reinforced by the absence of concrete information on the platform when looking for an address or exact location of the company: All in all, we just access to an email address, nothing more .

The lack of interest rate policy and complete copy of the site OptionBit compels us to advise you to stay away for the moment this platform binary options and what to protect your capital.
If BOcapital proven and receive good ecchos, we will be happy to change your mind about this broker, until you are the sole judges of BOcapital.

XPMarkets – Test & Review

XPMarkets highlights on its website all you need to reassure users: simple tools, a return rate of 85% and a complete training solution. XPMarkets is a British company based in London. It has existed since 2008, for the binary options is a guarantee of safety and reliability.

1. A very good first impression:

XPMarkets made a big effort in education: all resources and all the trading tools are available directly on the home page. No need to lose as some sites in pages and pages of text before getting to the desired information.

XPMarkets allows trader 4 raw materials, 11 currency pairs, 12 index, 13 stocks and even bonds, which is rare on the binary options to mention. In total 41 different options, which is a good average if you compare this figure with other platforms operating in the market.

XPMarkets offers the advantage of open trades with only 5 euros, is the smallest amount currently used by brokers in the market for binary options. The minimum deposit of 200 euros, this represents 40 trades that can be opened by a beginner. Enough to get a good initiation into the world of trading binary options, with minimal risk.

Take a binary option is very simple and the ergonomics of the site avoids making mistakes in choosing his contract. It’s really a plus, especially if we compare this platform to others who make no effort to simplify the user experience.

2. One criticism: No bonus is offered on this site to boost deposits:

The only criticism could be made on this site is the lack of bonuses and sponsorship offers. It’s a shame because a platform offering such guarantees serious gain many customers by implementing a more aggressive marketing policy.

The weakness of the amount required to open a trade advisor makes us the platform to all beginners: they can discover trading while thinking from the start to set up an effective management of their bankroll.

LeaderOption – Test & Review

LeaderOption is a platform for binary options trading operated by Mika Holdings Inc, a company based in the British Virgin Islands. The site is new in the field of binary options. Try to identify its strengths and weaknesses

1. A program leading to trading:

The important thing is announced at the homepage of the site: a rate of return exceeding 85% profit. This brooker binary options will just be the Etoro Trading Options (for proof, just take a look at its logo – a bull).

The platform offers trading on six indices, three commodities, currency pairs 9 and 10 actions: this may seem low when compared to the plethora of other broker, but at the same time it should very well to all beginners and many advanced amateurs.

Open an account with Leader option is very fast and takes no more than ten minutes. Every trader is then ready to attack the markets. The trading platform is easy to use and requires no installation. The usual options are available: Up / Down, and One Touch Zone.

2. Two small criticisms:

The evaluation of this site allows us to draw two small criticisms:

- The site announces more comprehensive training for the binary option, unfortunately it is for users of the site and a potential customer does not have access at the beginning of it to get an idea itself of its specific content.

- The policy of financial incentives does not seem to be well developed: the only bonus offered seems to be “the first free trade” without elaborating. Unfortunately the site does not offer other bonuses for deposits.

Leader Option provides interesting tools and effective. The lack of political marketing to attract new customers probably will slow some users who prefer a site offering bonus especially for their first deposit.

OptionsClick – Test & Review

The specificity of Optionsclick could hold in one sentence: it is a broker that fits the level of its traders. Whether you are a beginner, amateur or professional, you can find one that fits exactly to your needs (those needs that can range, for example special training, at rates of expiration for each level and each type of portfolio) .

1. A platform to listen to its customers:

The various solutions proposed by the site are exclusive offers. That is, for access and to know the exact content, you should contact a customer service charge (by phone or chat).

This platform has many advantages:

- The number of binary options limited (23 in total) will allow novice traders to make their first focusing on the most widely used binary options. They will thus not be tempted by exotic binary options with yields highly uncertain.

- 10 euros are enough to open a position with a binary option. This amount (modest in terms of minimum 25 euros may be needed on many sites) will encourage beginners to open an account on Optionsclick.

- Usability of the site is very well done. Few clicks to place an option. The usual options traders are available at: High / Low – One Touch – Range

- The presence of competition: every week you can win $ 250 dollars in cash for the trader who will carry out the transaction volume is greater. There is no limit for this contest and the winner may take several times to pocket the $ 250 again. Note that the contest runs from Sunday evening to Sunday evening the following week.

2. The best solution: test this platform

Nothing better to get an idea of ​​a platform to test it for yourself. Our advice: contact the team Optionsclick through the chat module on the site and tell them that you would like to test their platform. There is a good chance they’ll make an interesting proposal.

StartOptions – Test & Review

In the opinion of many users, StartOptions is one of the platforms the most serious on the market: payments gains are very fast .

StartOptions, is a company that is headquartered in Limassol, Cyprus . After conquering the U.S. market, and Australian English, the company has great hopes on the French market and hopes within a few months to occupy a key position. To do this the company has many advantages:

- The company has taken very specific and concrete measures to ensure the security of its transactions and does not hesitate to verify the identity of its customers at the time of registration, while other brokers often engaged the audit that the last moment, before generally have to make a payment. If you want to open an account with this broker, we advise you to contact him to ask him what proof of identity you will be asked to register (usually a passport or identity card is sufficient).

- The platform is easy to use and very intuitive. Everything goes directly to the site and users have to install anything in order trader. In total, it is possible to take a position on 9 currency pairs, 36 actions, 6 and 9 commodities indices, which offers many opportunities for trades. Beginners and experienced traders will have something to do business on this site.

- The marketing policy of this platform is dynamic StartOptions offers all new users a bonus of 25% of their initial deposit.

StartOptions offers all guarantees of security that a trader may apply. If you are looking for a broker, it may be time to test it personally. Take advantage now as a competition is held on the site. It will allow winners to fly to New York. It may be time to combine business with pleasure.

Banc de Binary – Test & Review

Banc de Binary is a platform for American Option binaires created in New York in 2009 by Oren Lawrence still runs today the company. Unlike other sites of trading Binary Options, Banc de Binary plays the card completely transparent: the company is located in the heart of Manhattan’s financial district, and clearly indicates the mailing address as well as different ways of the contact. The site, although it is only in English is one of the platform the most comprehensive currently available on the market. Discover why:

Firstly because Banc de Binary offers to trade binary options on 80 distributed as follows: 39 shares, 12 currency pairs, eight commodities (including some rare in the world of binary options such as wheat or sugar) and 20 indices. Those who juggle with usually two or three binary options brokers to build a diversified portfolio will have no reason to do so because Banc de Binary will enable them to find in one place all the options they may trader. The site offers (and this is to our knowledge the only platform to offer binary options) can contact the site for traders to ask them to add value on which options to take.

Yields are also very interesting and vary depending on the proximity of the expiration date: taking a few minutes before the option contract expires, you can receive 70% very well, a few hours before, nearly 90%, and some days before, more than 200%. All styles of trading (short term and medium term) win then to use this platform.

Banc de Binary was also a big educational effort: besides the presence of a totally free ebook about thirty page and requires no registration to be uploaded, the platform offers trading course for customers open an account. In addition, for users with a portfolio of at least $ 500 when opening their account, a demo account credited with $ 50 000 is offered to their fictitious be able to train and develop new tactics trading before moving on to real money – this is also in our opinion, the only platform that makes this possible.

Banc de Binary is not a broker open to all: indeed, the sum required to open an account is $ 500 minimum. In addition, to qualify for the 50% bonus (up to a deposit of $ 50 000), must be filed at least $ 2,500 – still a still offers very interesting, especially since the bonuses are for that the new accounts but also the following deposits.

If you are a regular investor markets, or at least having already made transactions with binary options and want to move up a gear, do not hesitate to try Banc de Binary.

EZTrader – Test & Review

EZTrader is an Israeli broker installed as many of its competitors on the island of Cyprus. Active in the industry since 2008 binary options, EZTrader is a platform in which to place his trust. Let’s review its strengths and areas that could be further improved:

The positives are many:

- EZTrader has a platform used directly in a web browser and requires no prior installation to be started: you can trade from anywhere once you have internet access. You just have to identify yourself with your personal codes to access your account.

- The marketing policy is dynamic and encourages them to make big deposit. Indeed, the more you deposit, the more you earn money. The promotions change regularly, this is why we invite you to regularly monitor the site news. Right now, the promotion for those who make a deposit on Thursday: that day by depositing the sum of 1850 dollars, in addition EZTrader gives you $ 925. Your total portfolio would then be 2775 dollars. EZTrader also offers bonuses for lower amounts, but in this case the amount credited to the user’s account is less (so that an investment of $ 500 will entitle you to $ 125 extra credit, either totaling $ 625 anyway).

- Return rates are attractive and can reach 95%. However, the observed mean is lower (around 75%)

- EZTrader offers an option called “Sell option” that can sell the contract before the arrival of the expiration date. When this option is available (which is not the case on all values), there are many benefits as it is possible to limit its losses in case of error in assessing market but also to maximize its losses taking profits whenever you want.

- The choice of options is varied: in total, it is possible to comment on: 4 raw materials, 60 shares, 16 indices and currencies 9.

EZTrader has however a few points that should change if it wants to continue to attract novice traders:

- The minimum amount to open an option to enter is 30 dollars (or euros), which for novice traders who often try several platform with a small investment amount is far too important.

- With only 9 currency pairs, novice traders probably find more choices elsewhere. EZTrader should offer more pairs to trade, especially since these are the options that are open more often by novice traders.

If you are a trader and confirmed that you trade stocks, EZTrader is a platform that will satisfy you. However, if you are a beginner, it is best to start with his arms elsewhere because this site offers too few opportunities to discover binary options.

OptionWorld – Test & Review

OptionWorld is a platform for binary options trading operated by the company installed ChargeXP Investments Ltd for several years on the island of Cyprus. The broker only just visible on the French market (because of a marketing policy set back relative to its competitors) has, however, a French version of its site. The first impression of this platform is very good, however, by engaging in some tests, the disappointment is quickly appointment for several reasons:

- With 16 actions, 13 currency pairs, 6 and 22 commodity indices, the choice of binary options seems to be important. However, Optionworld does not take a position on the pair euro / dollar pair is the most quoted in the world. Worse, it is not possible to take a stand on the platform 24 of 24 while currencies are available for trading in all major global exchanges from Sunday evening to Friday evening.

- The site is only partially translated into French and some sentences do not make sense. It sometimes feels a quick translation and hesitant.

- Customer service is theoretically available 24h on 24h, unfortunately during our various trials conducted in the evening, no employee was ever connected.

- The sum of 25 euros needed to open a position is too high compared to that offered by other platforms.

- The site seems to be updated relatively infrequently because when you open the page in February 2012 “section of weekly analysis” … we came across an article dating from August 8th! The year is not specified.

All these elements leads us to advise you not very strongly the use of this platform until the points mentioned above are resolved. This is unfortunate because the platform has two options, which could interest the few number of trader:

- The ability to credit his account with paypal

- Option “Builder” to build it yourself by choosing the option’s assets and the amount of investment as well as the expiration time and ration gains / risks. This function could be of interest to traders confirmed tired of using only traditional options (top down, and touch area) on many platforms.

We can only advise ChargeXP Investments Ltd. to review the operation of its platform optionworld to offer at least suggest that other market participants.